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Results of invitation to tender   Details of the invitation to tender

Invitation to tender - General information

Public buyer Caisse Nationale de la Sécurité Sociale 
Number of Procedure 03-CA-2021 
Type of Procedure Competitive bidding 
Financing method Budget 
Batch number
Type of invitation to tender National 
Tender validity Time limits 120 Jour(s)
Objet Acquisition d’un lot de climatiseurs  
الموضوع اقتناء أجهزة تكييف فردية  
Subject Acquisition d’un lot de climatiseurs  
Place of execution  
Date of execution  
Execution Time limits 365 Jour(s)
Conditions de participation  
شروط المشاركة  
Conditions for participation  
Direction responsable direction des équipements 
الإدارة المسؤولة إدارة التجهيزات  
Department head direction des équipements 
Pickup location of the specifications en ligne (Tuneps) 
مكان سحب كراس الشروط en ligne (Tuneps) 
Deadline for receipt of tenders 03/08/2021 
Address for receipt of tenders en ligne (Tuneps) 
عنوان إستلام العروض على الخط (تونيبس) 
Tender opening Date 03/08/2021 
Price of the specifications

Invitation to tender - Batches

Batch N° 1
Sector Fournitures>Fournitures 
Objet acquisition d’un lot de climatiseurs  
الموضوع اقتناء أجهزة تكييف فردية  
Security deposit 3000 

Invitation to tender - Summary

Caisse Nationale Sécurité Sociale CNSS
Invitation to tender N° 03-CA-2021
Financed by : Budget
Caisse Nationale de la Sécurité Sociale intends to launch a tender for the purpose Acquisition d’un lot de climatiseurs .
The tender will be executed in the city of .
The offers must be received no later than at the following address: en ligne (Tuneps)

The tender consists of:
- Batch N° 1 Sector : Goods>Supplies
Subject :
Detention is set to 3000 Dinars.