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Annual program Details
Reserved for small businesses : No
Year : 2023
Public purchaser area : Tunisia Highways
object : Assurance Décennales des OA des lots 2 , 3 et 4 de l'autoroute Gabes-Médnine
Period of realization : 10 ans
Contracting procedure : Competitive bidding
Proceedings : Normale
Funding method : Budget
Date of preparation of brochures conditions :
Publication date of the notice : 2023/01/12
The date of the announcement of the competition : 2023/02/09
Date prise en charge de dossier comm achats : 2023/03/02
Date of referral to the procurements committee :
Date publication of results : 2023/03/23
Date notification des marchés 2023/04/11
Start date for performance 2023/04/27