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Procurements commissions 

Procurements regional commission

Procurements Regional Commission
Procurements regional commission chaired by the Governor or his representative is composed of the following members:
  • the regional of controller public expenses,
  • a representative of the Minister charged of Finance,
  • a representative of the Minister charged of Trade, 
  • the regional director of Equipment, Housing and Territorial Development.

Unless in case of duly justified impediment, the head of the concerned administration or the public establishment attends the meeting in order to present his files to the relevant procurements commission. In case of impediment, he may be represented by the persons charged of the file that he appoints for this purpose.

The provisions related to this article are applicable to the procurements to be concluded on behalf of the local collectivities and the assimilated institutions located in the concerned governorate and to the procurements to be concluded within the framework of the credits delegated by the State to the governorates and to the procurements of the public establishments located in the governorate without prejudice to the specific provisions applicable to the procurements of certain public establishments. Are also of the competence of the regional commission, the procurements related to the expenses of regional nature as specified by decree whatever their amount.

The competence thresholds for the procurements:

Subject  Procurements regional commission

Up to 3 million dinars

Up to 5 million for the procurements of regional nature

Supplies of goods of equipments and services Up to 500 thousand dinars
Software and Computer services Up to 200 thousand dinars
Studies Up to 100 thousand dinars
Estimated assessments of works under state control Up to 3 million dinars