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Useful links
Marchés Publics
European Commission: The UE single market
Japan bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)
Portail Français des Marchés Publics
The world Bank (BIRD)
United Nations: Procurement Division (PNUD)
World Trade Organization (OMC)

Investment in Tunisia
Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency (APIA)
Exports Promotion Center (CEPEX)
Industry Promotion Agency (API)
The Forign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA)
Tunisian Industry Portal

Central Bank of Tunisia
Portal of Ministry of Finance
Tunisie Tradenet: Electronic Single Window of Foreign Trade

Electronic Payment
Paying bills by Internet (La Poste)
Payment by Internet (Electricity)
Payment by Internet (Water)
Paymnet by Internet (Phone)
Télédéclaration e-impôt

Education and training
Higher education and research
Services of Formation and Training
Tunisian Educational Portal
Tunisian Virtual School
Virtual University

Employment in Tunisia
National Employment Agency and Self Employment (ANETI)
Tunisia skills

Health and Social Affairs
Health Portal
National Health Insurence Fund (CNAM)
Social Portal
The National Pension And Social Providence Fund (CNRPS)
Tunisian National Social Security (CNSS)

Information Technology and Communication
Information and communication technologies in Tunisia
National Agency for Computer Security (ANSI)
National Digital Certification (ANCE)
Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI)
Tunisian post
Tunisie telecoms

Agency Technical Land Transport (ATTT)
Merchand Marine and Ports Office (OMMP)
Office for Civil Aviation and Airports (OACA)
Société des Transports de Tunis
Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Tunisiens (SNCFT)
Tunisian Navigation Company (CTN)

Administrative procedures
Conseil de la Concurrence
Government web site
Tunisian Administration Portal

National Statistics Institute
Tourism in Tunisia
tunisia Weather