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  • 18/06/2024 - Municipalite de Sousse
    Invitation to tender n°C02/2024 (A O Pour acquisition de conteneurs et corbeilles à papiers 2024).

  • 18/06/2024 - Municipalite de Sousse
    Invitation to tender n°A17/2023 (Marché acquisition habillement des ouvriers de la commune de sousse année 2024 ).

  • 18/06/2024 - Municipalite de Sousse
    Invitation to tender n°C01/2024 (A O Pour acquisition des pneus pour parc municipal 2024).

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  • Decree n°2014-1039 dated 13 March 2014, governing the public procurements (french version).

Public procurements decree
  • Décret n° 2009-2861 du 5 octobre 2009  dated 05 Oct 2009
    portant fixation des modalités et conditions de passation des marches négociés de fournitures de biens et services avec les entreprises essaimées

    Decree n° 2008-3505  dated 21 Nov 2008
    amending decree n° 2002-3158 dated 17 December 2002, governing the public procurements

    Decree n° 2008-2656  dated 31 July 2008
    fixing the criteria and methods of grant and withdrawal of the approval entitling the enterprises of public works and buildings to take part in the [...]

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  • Order of the Minister of Finance  dated 04 Nov 2008
    opening an internal competitive examination on the basis of tests for the promotion to the grade of senior advanced technician of public health at [...]

    Order of the Minister of Equipment, Housing and Territorial Development  dated 18 August 2008
    determining the activities, specialties categories of the relevant ceilings in which the enterprises of buildings and public works may be approved as [...]

    Order of the Prime Minister  dated 31 July 2008
    fixing the proceedings of keeping the information book, the follow-up slip and models of information slips required within the framework of the [...]

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